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Cosmetic Procedure Options:

Your dream smile doesn’t have to remain a dream.  There are many treatments available to make your smile brighter, straighter, and more dazzling.  Whether you want a slight alignment correction or a full set of veneers we’ll take great care of you.  To speak with a doctor about any of these services please call us a t (916) 846-9828 to reserve a consult. Or, you can email us at info@sierraoaksdental.com.

Teeth Whitening

There are various forms of whitening procedures that offer different benefits.  We offer laser whitening and micro-abrasion in our office, and we can make custom whitening trays for at-home use.  

Laser Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening at Sierra Oaks Dental Group in Sacramento
Laser Attachment
Biolase Laser Whitening

If you’re interested in a quick and stunning brightening of your teeth for an event then laser whitening is an ideal option.  This process is the most time effective, but it’s a one time procedure. Laser whitening is about an hour long procedure in the office.  The dental assistant will apply a gel application to your teeth and treat it with the laser to make your teeth two (2) to four (4) shades lighter.  After the treatment you may experience very light sensitivity that is can be an effect of most types of whitening. You’ll want to avoid acidic foods and beverages after treatment to avoid staining your teeth or reversing the procedure’s effects.  This means avoiding black tea, coffee, red wine, grape juice, tomato sauces, and many others.


The procedure of micro-abrasion is perfect for people who have marks on their teeth from braces or other causes of oxidation or staining.  Similar to laser whitening, it is a single procedure in the office that takes about an hour. This treatment does not whiten every surface of all the teeth.  It’s intended more for spot whitening, where teeth have spot stains or blemishes.

Whitening Trays

custom whitening trays at Sierra Oaks Dental Group | Sacramento California

By far the most practical and sustainable teeth whitening procedure is having custom whitening trays created.  It takes about a half hour of time in the office to take impressions to make the trays. Once the trays are created you can pick them up at the office and take them home to start whitening!  

This option allows you to choose when you whiten your teeth and how often. Trays are excellent for keeping up with recurring stains from acidic diets. If you love black coffee and, or, red wine then whitening trays will keep your smile bright and shining.  Whitening trays usually take a couple uses before results are visible. After purchasing the trays for the first time you can have them cleaned here at the office any time for free, and the only recurring cost will be for the whitening gel filled syringes. The duration of your tray use each day will be dependent on which strength gel you choose.