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Dental Crowns


Naturally our teeth get worn down over time from grinding, chewing, and decay.  If your smile seems to be deteriorating from what it once was then dental crowns might be the right solution for you.  Dental crowns are a form of restorative treatment that Sierra Oaks Dental Group has been providing to Sacramento for decades.  There are many reasons why a crown may be needed.


  • Protect a tooth with decay
  • Save a broken tooth or extremely worn tooth
  • To protect a tooth where decay has persisted even with a large filling
  • To hold a bridge (fixed prosthetic tooth)
  • Cosmetic reasons – discolored tooth or irregular shaped


Types of Crowns

In terms of the sequence of restorative care, a dental crown is applied after considering a filling.  Dental crowns can be made from porcelain or gold at Sierra Oaks Dental Group. Porcelain is the preferred material because it can be matched to the natural color of the patient’s teeth.  Gold crowns have been recognized as chipping less often in the past.  Now zirconia porcelain has taken the spotlight as most durable. Of course, it’s up to the patient’s preference what material they’d like to use for their crown.


The process of a dental crown treatment | Sierra Oaks Dental Group


The First Visit

When crowns are diagnosed, the treatment usually requires two appointments. treatment.  During the first visit the dentist will take an impression and a 3D scan of your tooth that needs treatment.  This impression and scan are provided to the lab that specializes in manufacturing dental crowns. The dentist will prepare the tooth for the crown and provide a temporary crown that is also created from the impression.


The Temporary Crown

Some dentist offices offer CEREC machine created crowns, but at Sierra Oaks Dental Group we prefer to have patients use a temporary at first.  This method of using a temporary while the lab creates the final crown allows the patient to have a test drive of the new crown. During the time of manufacturing the final crown the patient can get a feel of comfort or discomfort.  Having a comfortable and correct bite is paramount to oral health, and discomforts can lead to other health issues. It’s worth noting that temporary crowns are not as strong as the final crown created, and the dentist and assistants will go into detail about temporary crowns upon treatment.


The Second and Last Visit

Once the final crown has arrived from the lab the patient will return to the office to have the crown seated.  The dentist and assistants will ensure your bite is comfortable and your happy with your new tooth.


Have Your Crowns Done At Sierra Oaks Dental Group

If you have a broken tooth, a lot of tooth decay, or a cracked tooth then give us a call at (916) 846-9828.  All of our dentists have been treating dental crowns for a total of over two decades, and we utilize trusted labs locally and across the country.