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Dental Care

Sierra Oaks Dental Group - Team

Sierra Oaks Dental Group is by definition a general dentistry provider, but that’s just the start.  Our Doctors have a wide array of expertise that allow us to provide a ‘one stop-shopping’ experience for nearly all of our patients.  Of course, when necessary we refer patients out to some of our highly regarded specialists in Sacramento.


Preventative Care

Preventative Care is a keystone to proper health and wellness.  Our team of hygienists are able to create a clinical hygiene schedule tailored to your oral health needs.  In addition, all hygienists at Sierra Oaks Dental Group are trained to provide Periodontal Treatment.  

Restorative Care

No one’s perfect, and sometimes we forget to brush and floss on a regular basis.  When this happens patients receive a custom treatment plan that’s defined as Restorative Care.  This treatment can range form fillings, to crowns, to root canals, and even full mouth reconstruction.  All of these listed treatments are provided at Sierra Oaks Dental Group.

Sedation Care  

The most underutilized form of dentistry is Sedation Care.  About half of all North-Americans don’t go to the dentist regularly, and the number one reason for this is fear.  Whether it’s from a fear of needles, a past experience, or childhood experience, sedation dentistry can alleviate these issues. Our practice offers oral sedation as well as Nitrous Oxide.  Our Doctors create a tailored combinations of sedation treatments to best suit each patient.