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X ray of a tooth filling - Sierra Oaks Dental Group - Sacramento Dentist

Fillings are the first choice in fighting cavities or fixing broken teeth. When a person breaks a tooth the nerve in the tooth can become exposed causing sensitivity. Fillings are also referred to as bonding at times.  Fillings can be made of composite material or various metals. We prefer to solely provide composite fillings at Sierra Oaks Dental Group.  Metal fillings are becoming less popular because they’re aesthetically less pleasing than a tooth colored filling.


Cavities are created when the tooth enamel is worn down due to a build of plaque and tartar.  Plaque forms when bacteria in your mouth breakdown food that’s stuck in your teeth. Cavities are the first stage of tooth decay.  They’re also the least expensive treatment to save teeth from decay aside from practicing proper oral hygiene and not missing a clinical hygiene visit.  The area of decay can differ from person to person. Depending on a person’s bite they may face different issues in different areas because of the alignment of their teeth.

What To Expect

Patients regularly have x-rays taken of their teeth along with a comprehensive exam with the dentist to assess decay.  Once a dentist finds decay they’ll diagnose a need for a filling or crown depending on the amount of decay. Fillings can be placed on all sides of the tooth.  Commonly fillings are needed on the surfaces that face other teeth because those gaps are where the most food is caught. Crowns and fillings can also be used for chips, fractures, and breaks in some cases.  These symptoms are also known as worn dentition. They can arise from TMJ, grinding teeth, and chewing hard foods.

Keep In Mind

No matter who you are or how good or bad your teeth are it’s important to have a comfortable bite alignment.  Having a misaligned bite or having our bite shift can greatly affect the rest of our health. Often times the discomfort of an improper alignment will appear as headaches or jaw pain.  An improper alignment could also affect how you digest food. If your teeth aren’t chewing food like they should then you could also endure stomach aches and digestive issues.

Whenever you have treatment done by a dentist you should always be as clear as possible about the comfort level of your bite.  The best time to adjust your bite and make corrections is when you’re in the chair and already having treatment done. If you leave the office with a bite alignment that is irritating that could be an indicator that your teeth could shift or cause other issues.