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Invisalign ®

Before-and-After-Invisalign Treatment at Sierra Oaks Dental Group - Dentist Office in Sacramento


The Basics

Invisalign® is a form of orthodontics used to correct misaligned teeth. Your alignment is corrected by transparent trays that shift your teeth into their proper position. The trays are removable for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth.

Who Can Use Invisalign® ?

“Soon to be married couples” and “soon to be graduates” are excellent candidates for treatment. Achieving a beautiful smile for the big day is super convenient. If the patient doesn’t finish treatment in time for the big day it doesn’t make a difference because the trays are invisible.

In the case of traditional brackets you have to leave yourself ample time to have your brackets removed and hope that no changes to treatment arise. Also, bracket braces can leave blemishes and imperfections on your teeth where the brackets are adhered to the tooth surface. These blemishes or white spots are decalcifications of the tooth enamel.

First Visit

SMILE SCANNING TECHNOLOGY Sierra Oaks Dental Group | Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist | Invisalign®

Before you start Invisalign® treatment you’ll have to visit the office for a consultation with one of our dentists. During the consultation we’ll take a 3D scan of your teeth. This scan provides a projection of what your properly aligned smile will look like. Also, it allows the dentist to speculate how long the treatment will likely take. People of all ages can utilize Invisalign® pending a dentist’s or orthodontist’s evaluation.


For the duration of the treatment the dentist will systematically provide new trays on a monthly basis that progress the alignment of your teeth. Severely misaligned teeth may not be eligible for Invisalign® treatment. A dentist or orthodontist will be able to assess your bite and alignment to determine whether Invisalign® is an option, or traditional bracket braces are a better option. Traditional brackets and Invisalign® work in the same way that they slowly shift your teeth over time until the desired positioning is achieved.

Invisalign® is a convenient solution for straightening teeth and providing beautiful smiles. The health benefits of a correctly aligned smile are often over looked. Having properly aligned teeth can improve chewing and digestion of food, breathing, comfort of bite, and oral hygiene. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and utilizing proper orthodontic treatment is critical to your overall oral health. Aside from the health benefits of having a properly aligned smile, there’s also the beautiful bonus of having the smile of your dreams.

Before-and-After-Invisalign Treatment at Sierra Oaks Dental Group

Why Invisalign®?

Invisalign®trays are an effective and efficient way of correcting smiles. Dealing with the wires and bands of braces can be irritating and painstaking. Alternatively, with Invisalign®, there’s no obstruction to your current smile, and no one will notice.


  • Correction Incognito – Invisalign® trays are practically invisible when they’re worn! You’ll likely be the only one who notices them.
  • Maximum Comfort – Invisalign® trays are engineered with a special plastic that’s made as smooth as possible. This is an exceptionally comfortable alternative to metal brackets and wires.
  • Freedom – Because you’re wearing aligner trays, you can remove them for a dinner date, brushing and flossing of course, and any other occasion. This means no glue on brackets and ‘difficult to brush around’ wires. Continue the life you live while adding a perfect smile!
  • Results – Before you finish the entirety of your realignment, you’ll notice the difference in your smile and the strides made. Most Invisalign® treatment is completed within a year, however cases can be different based on the individual.



How Do I Start?

Call us to schedule your Invisalign® Treatment Consultation, (916) 846-9828 or email us.

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