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Invisalign® is a non obtrusive solution for straightening teeth and providing beautiful smiles. Dr. Kim and Dr. Khodai (since 2001) are certified Invisalign® providers. Aside from the obvious benefits of having a beautiful straight smile, there’s also amazing health benefits.  Having properly aligned teeth can improve chewing and digestion of food, breathing and comfortable bite, and proper hygiene.


Before-and-After-Invisalign Treatment at Sierra Oaks Dental Group


Before-and-After-Invisalign Treatment at Sierra Oaks Dental Group


Why Invisalign®?


Invisalign®trays are an effective and efficient way of correcting smiles. Dealing with the wires and bands of braces can be irritating and painstaking. Alternatively, with Invisalign®, there’s no obstruction to your current smile, and no one will notice.



  • Correction Incognito – Invisalign® trays are practically invisible when they’re worn! You’ll most likely be the only one who notices them because you’re already aware.
  • Your Mouth Won’t Know Either – Invisalign® trays are engineered with a special plastic that’s made as smooth as possible. This is an exceptionally comfortable alternative to metal brackets and wires.
  • Freedom – Because you’re wearing aligner trays, you can remove them for a dinner date, brushing and flossing of course, and any other occasion. This means no glue on brackets and ‘difficult to brush around’ wires. Continue the life you live while adding a perfect smile!
  • Results – Before you finish the entirety of your realignment, you’ll notice the difference in your smile and the strides made. Most Invisalign® treatment is completed within a year, however cases can be different based on the individual.



How Do I Start?


The first step towards correcting the alignment of your teeth is coming in for a consultation with our Doctors. Then they will take an impression of your teeth to create your first set of trays. The doctor will assess the mold and diagnose which teeth need to be adjusted and in which way. This is like laying out the blueprints for your new smile.  Call us to schedule your Invisalign® Treatment Consultation, (916) 846-9828 or email us.


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