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Nitrous Oxide: ‘Laughing All The Way To The Dentist’

Nitrous Oxide: ‘Laughing All The Way To The Dentist’
0 1 February 2019

Nitrous Oxide & Your Dental Care

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Nitrous Oxide is a type of sedation dentistry often referred to as laughing gas.  You’ve probably heard of it associated with dentistry.

From Discovery To Dentistry

Scientifically, Nitrous Oxide is a chemical compound of nitrogen and oxygen.  It has no odor or color, so it is unrecognizable to people.  Patients’ perception of pain is lowered and it increases the release of dopamine in the brain.

Laughing gas first got it’s name in 1799, and it wasn’t until the 1860’s that it was used in dentistry.

Is Nitrous Oxide Gas Safe?

Dentist and doctor prescribed Nitrous Oxide is extremely safe.  The application and exposure is monitored and controlled in every aspect. The sedation masks used in the office deliver pure oxygen in conjunction with the Nitrous Oxide.  Limited exposure produces temporary effects that reduce pain, and help the patient relax during a procedure.

Recreational use of Nitrous Oxide is extremely dangerous because of the lack of medical attention and expertise.  If the gas is kept cold (naturally) it can cause frost bite. Also, the lungs can be damaged because of the pressure at which the gas is released from the tank.  Laughing gas can also cause suffocation when it’s not properly mixed with oxygen.

Laughing Gas Versus Dental Anxiety

Laughing gas is a great option for people who have dental anxiety.  Millions of people in North America avoid going to the dentist every year due to fear and anxiety.  Prolonging dental care is extremely costly and dangerous. Nitrous Oxide helps patients relax and feel comfortable during a dental procedure, or even during a routine dental appointment.

Still Have Questions About Laughing Gas? Just Ask!

If you’d like to know more about the effects of laughing gas and its uses in dentistry, we are happy to answer your questions! Give us a call or schedule an appointment so that we can discuss this and any other dental health concerns you may have.

Our patients’ comfort is one of our highest priorities!