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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation or Sleep Dentistry Sierra Oaks Dental Group - Sacramento California
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What Is Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry is a form of dentistry that uses a sedative medication for the patient before and, or, during dental care to alleviate anxieties. It is not exclusive to large procedures, and can be utilized for regular dental maintenance.

Who Can Receive Sedation?

Anxiety of dental care affects 30 – 40 million Americans (1). The main group of this population is believed to have gotten their anxiety due to childhood experiences with dentists who were “stabby” or rough. Although, there are many other reasons that attribute to this fear of dental care as well. Other aspects of dentistry such as sounds, smells, vibrations, and the appearance of tools can cause fear, just to name a few. Because of all these factors, sedation dentistry is becoming more available across the country. Sedation can also be utilized for people with disabilities that normally can’t sit still for the time it takes to receive dental care.

What’s Special About Us?

Sierra Oaks Dental Group is a leading sedation dentist location in Sacramento. Dr. Kim and Dr. Khodai are certified with the Dental Board of California for oral conscious sedation. This is the dentists’ preferred method of sedation care. It removes all the sensory triggers (i.e. sounds, touches, smells…) from the dental experience, but still allows the patient to be awake enough to respond to the dentists’ movement requests (i.e. open mouth, tilt head to the side…). Our trained and certified team is equipped with the latest technology like lasers and ultrasonic scaling tools that have totally changed dental care. The reviews we receive from our patients will give you a firsthand view of our care and patient experience. If you’re ready to explore sedation dentistry options with Sierra Oaks Dental Group then we can start with a welcome tour to the office.

Helpful Blogs On Sedation

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