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4 Tips For Oral Health Spring Cleaning

0 19 March 2019

4 Tips For Oral Health Spring Cleaning

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Spring is almost here in Sacramento.  With the nice weather comes the urge to purge all the mess and clutter from our livelihoods, and we’re no exception at Sierra Oaks Dental Group.  Below you’ll find some healthy tips for spring cleaning with your oral health in mind.  

Refresh Your Home Health

Our bathrooms can become spring-break paradises for bacteria.  From the steam of hot water to the use of the toilet, it’s more than ideal for a bacterial paradise.

1. Get A New Brush

So let’s start with the facts!  The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.  The reason for this is because bacteria can grow quickly on your toothbrush when it’s left in your ba

0 15 March 2019


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How would you like to see an image of what your haircut will look like when you first sit down at the salon or barber?  Would you like to see what you’d look like at the end of the diet before you even start it? Unfortunately, technology hasn’t brought those two to reality yet, but you can see what your very own smile would look like at the end of Invisalign® with the iTero Scanner at Sierra Oaks Dental Group.  Look into the future with this technology as it brings your dream smile closer to reality.


Previously, dentists and orthodontists had to use a goopy material, alginate, to take impressions of patients’ teeth for Invisalign®.  The iTero machine is discontinuing this process by taking a 3D scan of patients’ smiles in the office.  When the dentist or assistant administers this scan t

0 13 March 2019

Smiles For Life

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Sacramento-Area Dentist Dr. Kim, Whitening Teeth, Brightening The Lives of Needy Kids


Smiles For Life At Sierra Oaks Dental Group

Who knew that getting whiter teeth could brighten the lives of thousands of economically-disadvantaged children in the U.S. and around the world! This year Sierra Oaks Dental Group is teaming up with the Crown Council for its annual Smiles For Life Campaign. The Crown Council, a prestigious alliance of leading-edge dentists across the globe who are strongly committed to promoting oral health, fighting oral cancer, and serving their communities through charitable work, will run the innovative and impactful effort from March 1

0 6 March 2019


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Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9828 Map   Orthodontics straighten your teeth, and provide a more attractive smile.  The superficial benefits are not exclusive though. Properly aligned teeth offer major benefits to your oral health and well being.


Being able to properly pronounce words relies largely on your teeth.  You might notice that people with missing teeth talk with a lisp. Children also experience this while losing baby teeth.  Communication and confidence in our own communication is crucial to our well being. If we feel that we’re not being understood or if we lack confidence in our enunciation then it’s likely to affect our self confidence. Our lips and tongues have to operate between our arches of teeth in our mouths to make the right sounds.  Properly aligned teeth make this easy work for our lips and tongues. When teeth are crooked slurring and lisps are highly likely to occur.  The sounds that are often affected the most a

0 26 February 2019

Options in Orthodontia: Invisalign vs. Bracket Braces

Sierra Oaks Dental Group | Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist | Invisalign Treatment

Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9828 Map   All things considered your smile is more important than your name.  People forget acquaintances’ names frequently, but everyone remembers a confident smile.  This is where orthodontia comes in. Orthodontics can give you the confidence of straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but there’s more.  They also provide a correct bite so as to minimize worn dentition and promote optimal oral health. When considering smile correction, or orthodontia, the big decision is whether to pursue bracket braces or Invisalign.  


Bracket braces are the oldest form of orthodontia dating back to 1000 BCE.  There’s archaeological evidence that orthodontia remedies have been attempted for thousands of years dating back to Egyptians, and Romans there after (

0 19 February 2019

Tooth Decay & Treatment | 4 Stages 

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Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map Preventative care is the most important part of anyone’s health.  This is especially true for dental care and oral health.  Whether it’s wearing sunscreen or practicing a healthy diet, there’s no way to place a value on disease prevention when compared to fighting an existing disease.  We’re going to cover the basics of the evolution of tooth decay. Keep in mind there will never be anything more affordable and feasible than proper preventative care. Let’s start off with a little background on the topic – tooth decay is the breakdown of tooth enamel and dental tissue.  The cause of this is mainly acids in the mouth.  These acids mainly come from the bacteria in your mouth processing sugar into acids. Coffee, citrus, and other acidic foods and drinks are also detrimental even if they’re all-natural.  It’s important to limit these acids because tooth

0 14 February 2019

Healthy Smile |  Top 3 Drinks

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Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.  But have you ever heard, “a soda (or coffee or fruit juice) a day leads to tooth decay”?  Most likely you haven’t because a majority of us enjoy a cup of coffee and choose the bliss of ignorance.  (While coffee alone isn’t terrible for teeth, the additions of sugar and syrups are very detrimental to tooth and gum health.)

2. Milk

Milk is great for your bones, right?  Well, your teeth also rely on the calcium in milk.  While teeth don’t grow back, they can experience enamel remineralization.  This is a fortification and limited rebuilding of tooth enamel. If dairy is a “no-go” based on your dietary needs and allergies then grab a glass of calcium-fortified soy milk. Keep in mind that milk, li

0 6 February 2019

Dental Anxiety with a Trustworthy Dentist

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What are some telltale signs of an honest and trustworthy dentist?

So why do you need to know how to choose an honest and trustworthy dentist? The reason is obvious. It is so that you can make an informed decision about making the best choices for your dental care. This process involves an honest discussion with your dental providers (Hygienists, Assistants, Doctors, and Admin). They should spend the time to educate you on findings, consequences of inaction, and the benefit of treatment during the examination. Photographs, X-Rays, and charting records should all be shared with you during the discovery process.  Then you and your dental team should come up with a plan together. Educational Videos and print outs also are very helpful in this co-diagnosis process.

0 1 February 2019

Nitrous Oxide & Your Dental Care

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Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map Nitrous Oxide is a type of sedation dentistry often referred to as laughing gas.  You’ve probably heard of it associated with dentistry. From Discovery To Dentistry Scientifically, Nitrous Oxide is a chemical compound of nitrogen and oxygen.  It has no odor or color, so it is unrecognizable to people.  Patients’ perception of pain is lowered and it increases the release of dopamine in the brain. Laughing gas first got it’s name in 1799, and it wasn’t until the 1860’s that it was used in dentistry. Is Nitrous Oxide Gas Safe? Dentist and doctor prescribed Nitrous Oxide is extremely safe.  The application and exposure is monitored and controlled in every aspect. The sedation masks used in the office deliver pure oxygen in conjunction with the Nitrous Oxide. 

0 23 January 2019

Choosing the Right At-Home Dental Products

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Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map All toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss are pretty much the same, right?  Wrong; getting the right toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss is as important and customizable as a pair of prescription glasses or orthotic shoe soles.  Having the right dental care products at home sustains proper oral health between routine maintenance visits. Also, it ensures that conditions and at-risk scenarios are not worsened due to improper technique and application.   Sacramento Dentist - Toothpaste options

Toothpaste: Cavity Control, Sensitivity, Gum Health, or Whitening?

There’s about as many varieties and brands of toothpaste as there are shampoo, and they’re similar in the way they serve different nee