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Post Op Instructions For Any Dental Surgery Recovery

0 31 January 2015

Post Op Instructions For Any Dental Surgery Recovery There may come times in your life where you need to visit the most experienced Sacramento dental group around in order to have a dental operation performed. Whether it be for veneers, root canal, crowns, bridges, or even scaling there may be bleeding. However there are always take home care instructions in order for a seamless recovery process.

  • The first hour after surgery can often times be the most concerning to the patient, especially if they are still bleeding. Make sure to keep consistent and firm pressure on the gauze in your mouth and do not change unless the bleeding is just not subsiding after an hour. Most likely the use of common sense will kick in here and the patient will be able to gauge their own body and know when to change it, fold it for more comfort, or even dampen it a bit with water.

For the first day of and after surgery there are a few points of concern that the patient should really follow.

  • Do not exert activity with your mouth. Do not rinse, probe, or touch it with your fingers. Do not smoke or drink alcohol! Brushing gently is okay however be very careful of the surgical site.
  • There will be swelling. Using a cold pack or an ice bag wrapped up in a towel so as not to cause frost bite on the skin. Using the 20/20 routine is ideal. Put it on for 20 minutes and off f

0 26 January 2015

Choose Only the Best Sacramento Dental Group when Considering Veneers Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in the past few years alone and there is no doubt that in the next years there will be more and more advancement as well. Veneers are on the top of the list of the most sought after dental treatments. Veneers are able to help correct teeth that are discolored, worn down, chipped or broken, and even ones that have gaps or are misaligned. Veneers are an excellent option to surgery or even braces. When you decide to have a consultation for veneers you will want to make certain that you schedule it with Sierra Oaks Dental. Just be aware that veneers are not something that can be finalized in one visit. It will usually take two or three visits in order to complete the procedure. Basic Veneer Consultation:

  • You will go through an extensive examination to inspect all other dental work you have had
  • Receive intraoral photographs
  • Full sets of X-rays
  • They will make impressions of your upper and lower teeth
  • Enjoy yourself while you look through books in order to see before and after shots of other patients
  • You can compare various tooth shapes and sizes to decide what you would like
  • Comparing tooth color

Lastly, and quite possibly the best part, is viewing the computer to see what your new smile will look like t

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0 19 January 2015

Sacramento Dental Group Dental care is not an area that you can leave to the back burner. There are ways in which to make certain you are visiting the right Sacramento dental group for you and your family. While many people believe a dentist is just a dentist, which is far from the truth. It is important to build a relationship with your dentist in order for them to become familiar with your needs, anxieties, and even your dental history. If you must get a new dentist for whatever reason, ask for referrals. If you are moving then ask your current dentist for names and numbers of a practice that they would recommend in the area which you are moving to. Making sure that the new dentist office is accessible to you and your family is a must. What is there was a dental emergency, what do you do then? Do not go by the pretty colors or the fantastic staff, go by the facts and figures that they offer. What is their insurance like and do they offer payment plans. Asking things like that will help you, after all dental work can be quite expensive. This is a practice that is recommended to everyone, no matter what business you are considering. Call the front desk. How knowledgeable are they when they answer the phone? Are they polite, kind, and sound as though they are only listening to you on the other end of the phone? A rushed staff, can mean you will have a rushed visit as well. Lastl

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0 19 January 2015

Finding a Sacramento dentist that knows about Periodontal Disease is not difficult, but finding one that can explain it in layman’s terms might be a bit more of a challenge. Reason being is simple; it is a silent disease that starts with little or no symptoms. See your gums actually serve several purposes; two of the most important are the support and protection of your teeth and tissue surrounding your teeth. Unfortunately periodontal disease usually begins in a small area that you are not keeping clean, most likely from not brushing properly.  In simple steps the bacteria accumulates and grows into inflammation in your gums and mouth. This is called gingivitis and is usually the issue that brings people into the office with pain. Gingivitis is generally the first noticed symptom associated with periodontal disease. A few others to watch for are as follows.

  • Sores in your mouth
  • Consistent bad breath
  • Teeth becoming loose
  • Gum line receding
  • Brushing or flossing causes bleeding
  • Redness of the gums
  • Tooth pain or loss

The tricky thing is that pain is not the first sign or symptom of periodontal disease. That is why inspection of your mouth is crucial to head off issues before they progress. Once your gums begin to physically pull away from the gum line the option of repair is pretty much gone. Then you fall

0 19 January 2015

Convenient, invisible, clear, and non-evasive; these are all words used by a dedicated Sacramento dentist while they are explaining Invisalign to a patient. Keeping in mind that Invisalign is not for everyone, it certainly is becoming very popular as an alternative to braces. Basically it is a set of clear trays that are customized to a patient’s mouth that are simply snapped into place and worn for approximately a week. They help with periodontal disease, crowding, overbites, and even crooked teeth and excessive spacing within the teeth. The great thing is that it can be used to straighten only a few teeth or all of your teeth. There is one main advantage to being fitted for Invisalign, comfort. There is no metal, brackets, bleeding of the cheeks and especially no fear of having food caught in your wires while you are at a meal with friends or family. Invisalign is made to make your life more comfortable while you are receiving your straightened teeth. Another excellent benefit of the Invisalign trays are the fact that there is no interference in speech. Many individuals who wear braces have the issue of speech. With the trays you wear them all day, removing them only to eat, brush and floss. Making dental care as easy as possible. Pain is virtually null simply because the impressions are made every few weeks in order to stay on top of the results you are seeking. From those

0 19 January 2015

Inlays, onlays, or partial crowns, Sacramento Dentist

Inlays, onlays, or partial crowns; whatever you may call them they are an excellent alternative to having your tooth removed due to some damage. As long as the cup is not damaged dentist at the Sacramento dental group may very well recommend this process. The best part is that after it is completed not even you will be able to notice a difference in the trouble tooth and the rest of the ones in your mouth! There are several advantages to having the inlay or onlay performed. Protection: Because the entire process does not include the entire tooth it can actually offer more strength to the weaker areas of the tooth. Stability: With your tooth already being damaged having the inlay or onlay procedure performed will actually be an excellent choice that will be more stable and much stronger. This is especially true since the tooth is already damaged. Safeguard: Since you are able to keep the healthy portion of your tooth this process will ensure the fact that you will have 100% functionality with the tooth. Color: Coffee, tea, caffeine, and even smoke will not alter the color of the inlay or onlay. This is simply because of the materials used in making them do not retain any color enhancers at all. They will stay the original white. Fit: When crowns are not an option and you have minimal decay the superior fit of a prope

0 19 January 2015

Reason to visit Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento Dentist Let’s face it, any Sacramento dentist is not a favorite place of anyone I know. I have heard people say there are so many good reasons to go to the dentist, but I feel as long as I am in attendance for my bi-annual appointment, I am good. Right? No. well, that is why I decided to see what reasons people go to the dentist for. I mean, besides the obvious one; pain. Even I know that if there is pain then obviously you get into to see the dentist. I have found that sensitivity is a huge reason as well. Which I had no idea about either. Women are very concerned about being in fear of ice cream and coffee. When the sensitivity hits they are making all sorts of appointments. Thankfully most of the time it is as simple as changing toothpastes. There are toothpastes made especially for sensitive teeth. The cosmetic realm is definitely one of the highest up there for dentistry. It is without doubt that the smile is the most attractive feature of a person. So to ensure that yours is picture perfect, of course a dentist would be the place to go. Whether it is teeth whitening, cleaning, or even straightening; there is a procedure for everyone. The basic sounds of the dentist scare many away before they even consider going in the first place. The sounds of the drills, the scraping, and even the sound of the exam itself is even to scare

0 18 January 2015

Little Known Ways to Benefit from Digital X-Rays>> When searching for a worthy Sacramento dental group to supply the dental care for you and your family there is something to keep in mind. Simply put, it is their choice of radiography. What type do they utilize? Right now the most advanced providers are using digital radiography over the basic films for so many reasons. Below are just a few reasons that you would benefit from choosing a dental group that using digital x-ray over the latter.  

Fears and Phobias:

Perception is vital when it comes to clients and them feeling comfortable in a dental chair. When patients see an office using state of the art equipment, such as a digital x-ray it does somewhat dispel fears or phobias that they may have previously had.

Quality Enhancement:

When taking x-rays of dental needs and progression it is made so much easier by utilizing digital images. Mainly because the clarity and the detail is so much more pronounced. Digital images can also point out smaller bone fractures and imperfections that may otherwise be missed.

Clear the Clutter:

By going digital it shows your patients

0 30 December 2014

Stay tuned to this page for upcoming events sponsored or organized by Sierra Oaks Dental.  We enjoy interacting with all our patients and jump at the opportunities to sponsor events and activities that benefit our community.

0 22 December 2014

Children are like little sponges just waiting to soak up any and all information that they can. That is the great thing about working within a Sacramento dental group that not only takes oral care serious, they also take education seriously as well. When smaller children come into the office for routine checkups, cleanings, or even to have a painful tooth taken care of, the staff is always happy to leave them with a little nugget of education so that they can remember it for next time. Here are just a few of the most popular ones:

  • To you and I it is obvious that teeth are used to break down food, for a younger one it might need to be explained. They explain how human beings form two sets of teeth and the function that they serve. That is why it is extremely important to take good care of them.
  • Then the obvious questions start. So it is explained that the first set of teeth are often referred to as the baby teeth and there are actually only 20 of them. Once those baby teeth get loose and fall out the second set of teeth are called the adult teeth and there are 32 of those in a full set.
  • When you start discussing teeth falling out with a little one it is important to mention that it only happens between around 6-12 years old. This is to make sure they are not scared about their very own teeth falling out.
  • Lastly, they make sure to explain the t