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Pay It Forward – Support Local Communities

0 15 August 2018

Pay It Forward

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist

Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map As the world gets bigger and bigger, our need for strong communities grows in conjunction.  Greater Sacramento is quickly growing in popularity for young professionals and families.  More people and growth can seem scary to a lot of  us who have called Sacramento home for years.  But the truth is that the economy is growing here, and the city is more desirable than ever.  Here at Sierra Oaks Dental Group, we take civil responsibility very seriously, and the community and its members are always the number one priority.  Conducting business locally is so rewarding for our practice because we get to participate in varying events and connect with people in the community on a regular basis. Thankfully there’s an amazing group of community-based organizations who foster effective contribution collections and organization.  Most recently we’ve had pleasure of working with Mission Oaks Recreation and Parks Department, Carmichael Recreation and Parks Department

0 14 August 2018

Patient Appreciation Luau – Sat. 9/8/2018

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist

Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map Save the date! Saturday, Sept. 8th, form 1:00p – 4:00p we’ll be hosting a Patient Appreciation Luau at Swanston Community Center at 2350 Northrop Avenue, Sacramento.  There will be FREE food for our patients and their families and friends.  We’ll also have live music, games, a bounce house, and the Swanston Splash Park will be open.  We truly value all of our patients for entrusting us with their care and for referring their friends and families to our practice.  We know there are a lot of options for dental care in the Sacramento area, and it’s events like these where we get to show you who puts the Sacramento Community in Sacramento Community Dentistry. Those are the general details, but let’s talk specifics.  The FREE food will be provided by 808 Island Grill with a menu of BBQ Chicken, Kalua Pork (Hawaiian Smoked Pulled Pork), Grilled Tofu, with sides of Rice or Macaroni Salad.&

0 31 July 2018

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Sacramento Parents

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist

Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map THE EXCITEMENT OF LOSING a tooth and waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come is something every child looks forward to, but how can parents make sure the Tooth Fairy lives up to the hype? If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your Tooth Fairy game, we have some ideas for you!  

The Tooth Fairy’s Origins

The idea of a fairy who quietly swaps a child’s tooth for money or a small gift overnight isn’t a very old one, but there have been traditions associated with children losing their first tooth since the time of the Vikings, when the teeth were often buried to ensure a happy life for the child or considered good luck in battle. These days, many cultures have the Tooth Fairy or a Tooth Mouse, but exactly how the tradition operates varies from household to household.

A Few Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

If you or your children are getting bored with the old dollar-under-the-pillow routine, it might be time to help your Tooth Fairy out. Try out one or more of th

0 19 July 2018

Karlos Hernandez | Team Member

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist

MEET KARLOS Say hello to our Featured Team Member this week, Karlos Hernandez-Perez.  Karlos is our Marketing Manager at Sierra Oaks Dental Group.  He moved to the Sacramento area from Reno in 2016, but still has family in Reno whom he visits with often.  Traveling and spending time with his family are his favorite activities outside of work.  If he could travel anywhere he’d love to see Bali or Barbados, but he frequents the western slope of the Sierra Mountains with his family and friends, which makes it a close second to the beaches of Bali. If he won the lottery then all his family would be set on his account, and if he was miraculously gifted a super power he’d be able to travel through time.  Cajun, sushi, and pizza are some of his favorite foods, but nothing compares to his mother’s Mexican food.  Karlos is waiting for her to start her own cooking TV show. One of his favorite parts of work is getting to know his coworkers and interacting with them.  His most rewarding take-away from working in the dental industry is hearing patients positive feedback and satisfaction with their provided care.  It’s always Karlos’ goal to see you smi

0 6 July 2018

Hai Bui | Team Member

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist

Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map   This week’s featured Sierra Oaks Dental Group team member is Hai Bui.  She’s the latest addition to the Hygiene team here and when she’s not at work she enjoys hiking, biking, and golfing around the Sacramento Area!  Hai is originally from Vietnam and if she could visit anywhere in the world she’d go to Bali for a beach vacation, because who wouldn’t, right?  Her favorite part of working here is learning new dental care technologies, like the Vx VELscope and voice probe to name a few.  Patient education and engagement is her most valued aspect of working in the dental field, and it shows in her care.  And if she could have any super power it would be to time travel, which is obviously to go back in time to treat patients before they get periodontal disease and need more extensive dental work, well those weren’t her exact words, but one can only assume. She prefers tea over coffee, the beach o

0 5 July 2018

Supernumerary Teeth

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist

Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map MOST PEOPLE WILL develop a total of twenty baby teeth that are replaced by a total of thirty-two adult teeth. Occasionally those teeth don’t all appear, which is considered hypodontia. In even rarer cases, all the normal teeth will be present, plus at least one extra! These extra teeth are supernumerary teeth, and the condition is called hyperdontia.  

How Do Extra Teeth Come to Be?

There are two main competing theories about what causes supernumerary teeth. One possibility is that an individual tooth bud might divide abnormally and result in two teeth instead of one. Another is that extra teeth could result from hyperactivity in the dental lamina (the tissue in our jaws that forms tooth buds). Heredity might also play a role. Supernumerary teeth can come in different forms. They might be conical (peg-shaped), tuberculate (with multiple cusps), suppl

0 27 June 2018

Cancer Screening Technology Now Being Offered Vx VELscope

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist

Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map Medical history reviews, taking your blood pressure and reviewing it with you, comprehensive dental examinations, dental cleanings, tooth decay prevention protocols, and oral cancer screenings are standards of care here at Sierra Oaks Dental Group. Our dental team is now also equipped with Vx VELscope technology. VELscope is the latest technology that is used in the dental office for oral cancer screenings. The VELscope uses fluorescent light to detect abnormal cells that can potentially be cancerous cells. Here are Sierra Oaks Dental Group, we believe in taking care of your health by using the latest technology to complement our oral cancer screening and the Vx VELscope is one of those tools. The new technology has been backed by more clinical studies than any other adjunctive tissue fluorescence visualization, and has been utilized in 25 million examinations already by over 12,000 dental practitioners. Recognized by the World Health Organization, the aw

0 19 June 2018

Ultimate Dental Experience

Commitment To Providing The Ultimate Dental Experience In Sacramento

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California

Contact us Phone | (916) 846-9831 Map   At Sierra Oaks Dental Group our goal is to provide extraordinary dental experiences and unwavering care; we aim to package these together to provide the Ultimate Dental Experience. We try to be our hardest critics and biggest believers, from analyzing every phone call, to having weekly team and leadership meetings. It all happens so we can stand behind that claim of being the best, and having you feel confident in your dental care experience. Continuing education is one of the highest priorities to our practice. Our entire staff partakes in industry leading customer service training provided by the Scheduling Institute. The Dental Staff is regularly being trained and tested on material and practices provided by SPEAR Education, an industry leading Dental Education Institute. These names may not be familiar to you, but for reference consider this: if your laptop broke would you rather ta

0 18 April 2018

Dental Fillings | Five Types

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist

IT’S NEVER A GREAT feeling when the dentist tells you that you have a cavity, especially when you’ve been diligently brushing and flossing to keep your teeth healthy. The next step after a cavity is discovered is typically a dental filling. Fillings come in several different materials that have their own advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look!  

1. The Classic: Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are what you might think of as “silver” dental fillings, though they’re actually composed of a mixture of tin, copper, silver, and mercury. They have been used for over 150 years! The reason dentists have been using them for so long is that they are strong and long-lasting, and they are also the least expensive option. However, they’re very noticeable and tend to darken over time, so if you want something that blends in, amalgam fillings probably aren’t the ones you want.

2. Low Profile: Composite Fillings

Composite dental fill

0 20 March 2018

Seasonal Allergies And Your Oral Health

Sierra Oaks Dental Sacramento California | Sacramento Dentist

  SPRING IS IN THE AIR…and that means so are allergies. Seasonal allergies affect millions of people every year, but did you know that they can also affect oral health?  

Why Do We Get Seasonal Allergies?

While there are plenty of allergens that can make us sneeze year round, such as dust and pet dander, seasonal allergies typically flare up twice a year: in the spring and the fall. This can mean long months of congestion, an itchy nose, mouth, eyes, or throat, puffy eyes, sneezing, and coughing for people with allergies. The reason our allergies act up the most during spring and fall is that trees and grass pollinate throughout the spring, while ragweed pollinates in the fall. Mold will also send out spores around the same time. Allergic reactions, including seasonal allergies, are the result of our immune systems going into overdrive in response to these allergens.

Allergies Versus Oral Health