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Sedation Dentistry

According to the American Dental Association, fear is the number one reason millions of people avoid going to the dentist. It’s estimated that 93 million Americans live with some degree of dental anxiety, whether due to traumatic childhood experiences or unpleasant visits as adults. For many, the reason for delay is simply not having the time for lengthy appointments.

Sedation dentistry is a solution for patients who are afraid of the dentist’s chair or have time constraints that would benefit from more efficient treatment plans. Specially trained sedation dentists like Dr. Peter Kim will help you feel as comfortable as possible by using well-established and proven protocols that can be customized for your individual emotional and physical needs.

At Sierra Oaks Dental, we offer extensive experience and dental services to help you relax and achieve a smile you’ll be proud to show the world. Here are a few common questions anxious patients ask before seeking treatment:

  • Will it hurt? When you opt for sedation, our expert team of professionals can expertly gauge and calibrate the medication so you’ll feel absolutely no discomfort during your treatment.
  • Is it too late to fix my teeth? It’s never too late to turn things around and sedation dentistry is an excellent starting point.
  • Is it expensive? The cost of sedation varies depending on the level needed and insurance availability, but Sierra Oaks Dental is well-trained in helping patients navigate their unique financial needs. The investment against the cost of delayed treatment can be invaluable.
  • Will I be aware; will I be in control? The loss of control can be daunting to an already anxious patient. Sedation dentistry means you’ll always be conscious and responsive, and some patients have reported it seeming like a pleasant dream the next day.
  • Will it save me time? Yes! In many cases, more dentistry can be completed in fewer appointments when sedation is implemented – which means less work missed.
  • Is sedation dentistry safe? Sedation dentists are trained professionals who have completed education and met stringent requirements to administer sedation medications. Sierra Oaks Dental is just as committed to your safety as we are to your comfort – no matter what.


Sedation Options:

  1. Oral Sedation
  2. Nitrous Oxide
  3. IV Sedation